Yearn.Finance $YFI – Why the HYPE? A deep dive!

Yearn Finance launched in early 2020 and took the DeFi world by storm with its governance token YFI reaching $43k per token at its peak so far. Its whole mission is to make the DeFi world and various products/protocols more accessible to normal users through their user interface and smart contracts. They offer various products to help people tap into liquidity pools and lending protocols that generate yield. E.g. Vault, Earn, Zap, Cover, and other products coming out soon. Yearn was started by a single developer – Andre Cronje – but now it is more in the control of the community and there are 6+ devs working on the project now. In this deep dive video, we’ll cover a ton of details about this fascinating project. For example: what products does Yearn offer, what is the YFI token all about, how is governance handled, what are the major risks with using it, who is working on it now, how does the platform work, what’s upcoming on the roadmap, and much more! Give this video a watch if you want to get the details about Yearn that you can’t in such a clear manner elsewhere on crypto YouTube.

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0:00 Intro
1:13 What is Yearn?
2:18 An interesting background
3:37 Main products (Earn, Vaults, Zap, Cover)
7:31 Roobet shout out
8:18 What happens after depositing
9:21 The YFI token
10:38 Governance process
11:15 Risks you should know
12:13 Forks of Yearn
12:48 Future outlook

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