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Quantitative Developer, Data & Institutional Markets
at Ripple (View all jobs)
New York, NY
Ripple is growing and we are looking for a Quantitative Developer to help build tools to monitor market activity and liquidity for XRP as we scale our payment products in new markets around the world. You’ll partner with our Institutional Markets team to help Ripple understand the dynamics of FX + crypto markets based on data. Ripple’s vision of an Internet of Value requires efficient global payments settlement, and XRP liquidity is a core component of making that vision a reality.

Ideal candidates will have demonstrated technical excellence in designing, building and delivering reliable markets tools and analysis, based on a deep understanding of FX and crypto market infrastructure and dynamics. You are adept at communicating across teams to drive cross-functional alignment and have the ability to think through how markets will adapt to leverage paradigm-shifting technology. You have experience as a quantitative developer or data scientist and a passion for the craft of software engineering. You will be a member of the Data team at Ripple, but will sit and partner closely with the Institutional Markets team.

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