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Most people misunderstand XRP; its foremost role is to defend the Ripple network. Imagine each Ripple transaction was an envelope. That envelope needs a stamp that cannot be re-used. A tiny amount of XRP is used in each transaction to defend the Ripple Network. The second important role is that XRP, as the only asset on Ripple without counter-party risk, enables traders on Ripple to minimize their exchange paths to two steps with more concentrated liquidity (eg. KRW/XRP → XRP/XAU).
(from Wise Cryptos)
Graham Bright of Euro Exim Bank has gained global recognition in the illustrious Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) Awards program, for his client focused disruptive approach to global trade finance. The Head of Compliance impressed the judging panel with his clear commitment to innovative technologies, claiming the title of “Most Innovative Executive in the Trade Finance Industry.”

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