V-ID $VIDT Review – The Next 10x Coin on Binance DEX?

V-ID enables users and businesses to validate and verify files using blockchain. There are hundreds of potential use cases. Many businesses are already using the project (i.e. college diplomas verified using V-ID). They also have regular coin burns and buy-backs which can help increase the token’s value. Only real con I can think of is lack of liquidity at present time. Definite a long term HODL imo though! V-ID and the token VIDT was just recently launched on Binance DEX for public trading. In this video Fez provides an overview of this project as of Q3 2019 and shares what he finds about the tech, about the company, and the tokenomics. If you like this video, please support us by LIKING, COMMENTING, SUBSCRIBING, and letting us know what project or topic you’d like for us to cover next!

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