The Graph $GRT – What is it REALLY about? (Deep Dive Review 2021)

The Graph is recently launched project that has really rocketed and grabbed the crypto world by storm. Its native utility token GRT was listed on major exchanges like Coinbase right after launch which is pretty impressive. But have you done your research into what The Graph and its Graph Protocol is actually about? In this video I’ll break down why people call it the Google of Blockchain. I’ll explain how it’s a query layer for Web3, taking a decentralized approach to storing and serving blockchain data. I’ll cover GRT’s use cases, the different ecosystem participants like the indexers and curators and delegators, and also touch on GRT tokenomics like token burn, yearly issuance, and initial minting. If you want to dive deep and learn all about The Graph GRT then just give this video a watch!

The Graph:

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0:00 Intro
0:55 What is The Graph?
1:57 Why is this important?
2:45 How does this work
3:53 6 participants/roles
4:39 How people Query
5:26 What is GRT for?
6:09 Matrixport shout out
7:02 GRT tokenomics
7:33 Notable features
8:18 Accomplishments/future
9:14 Team and investors
9:35 My final thoughts!

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