Ripple Quietly Exploding Uba Bank in Africa to Malta, Ecuador, Brazil & beyond, XRP user Nium helps

Cross-border payments company Nium has partnered with TeleDolar, the Costa Rican FinTech platform.

The collaboration, announced on Monday (Aug. 24), supports Nium’s efforts to use FinTech tools “to improve business efficiency and customer experience in Latin America, further enabling LatAm consumers and businesses to participate in the global digital economy more effectively,” the company said.

The deal with TeleDolar continues Nium’s expansion into Latin America and will allow its customers to make instant outbound payments to an expanded list of markets, including Europe, the U.K. and the U.S., among many others.

“TeleDolar has been instrumental in creating a FinTech platform for consumers, SMBs, banks and financial institutions in Costa Rica to move funds overseas in a more convenient manner…” said Rohit Bammi, Nium’s global head of institutional sales, in a statement.

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