Ripple David Schwartz has a new talent, Banks are itching to get involved & XRP would be supported

Ripple added to ISO Members
ISO 20022 is an emerging global and open standard for payment messaging. It creates a common language and model for payment data across the globe. One that provides higher quality data than other standards which means higher quality payments for all. One that can adapt to new needs and new approaches. One that’s not controlled by a single interest. One that can be used by anyone in the industry and implemented on any network.

ISO 20022, already used by payment systems in over 70 countries, will be the de facto standard for high-value payment systems of all reserve currencies, supporting 80% of global volumes and 87% of value of transactions worldwide in the coming years, according to Swift.

David Schwarts adds two more podcasts!

IIF Digital Finance Webinar Series: Future of Money

The Digital Asset Boom – a trailer

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