“Looking to scale up customer delivery” in Japan & Korea, accelerate adoption of Ripplenet & XRP ODL

Solutions & Technology
SBI Ripple Asia provides “Ripple Solution” to various financial institutions and remittance companies. For more information on Ripple Solution is of Ripple.com solutions site inquiries about the introduction of Ripple Solution to TEL : 03-6229-1159 MAIL: info@sbi-ripple.co.jp SBI Ripple Asia does not handle virtual currency (XRP), which is operated and managed by US Ripple. For this reason, we will not be able to respond to inquiries to this phone number. For inquiries regarding virtual currency (XRP) trading, please contact the exchange that handles the currency directly.
Consortium for unifying domestic and foreign exchange
SBI Ripple Asia is the secretariat of the Consolidated International and Foreign Exchange Consortium with 47 Japanese banks (as of the end of February 2017). The Consolidation Consortium for Domestic and Foreign Exchanges is working toward commercialization by using the Ripple Solution to set up a payment platform, “RC Cloud”, that unifies domestic exchanges in addition to foreign exchanges. When this system is put into practical use, it can be expected that payments and remittances will be performed efficiently across bank boundaries. The Secretariat provides support to banks considering joining the Consolidated Consortium for Foreign Exchange.

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