Litecoin – To Hold or Not To Hold… $LTC Deep Dive!

Litecoin is silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It was super hot and even I bought a large bag back in 2017. Well it’s been an entire macro cycle since and I no longer own any LTC. But I am still curious what they have been up to this past year in 2020 and what are some milestones coming up in 2021. I will cover the latest development milestones with Mimblewimble integration and other codebase updates. I will touch on hot news topics like the Velvet fork discussions with Cardano, the Atari partnership, Blockcard native-Litecoin card launch, Cred partnership, an update on their founder Charlie Lee, and my honest thoughts. Definitely give this video a watch if you’re interested or curious about Litecoin and let me know what YOU think about this project!

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0:00 Intro
1:59 Quick overview
3:38 Mimblewimble privacy integration
4:58 Progress with Mimblewimble
6:24 Other development
7:26 Velvet fork with Cardano
9:08 Atari partnership
10:23 Blockcard launch
11:35 Cred partnership
12:27 Charlie Lee update
13:17 My honest thoughts

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