Finally a LEGIT Ethereum competitor? (Polkadot deep dive)

Polkadot was a long awaited next generation blockchain which launched in 2020 after being announced years ago. Their primary aims are interoperability and scaling. Build by Gavin Wood of Parity Technology and Ethereum fame, Polkadot competes with blockchains like Ethereum and Cosmos. Their native platform token is called DOT and has performed quite well on the market since launch. In this deep dive video, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the polkadot project from its history, notable team members, partnerships (including with Chainlink), why there’s a lot of buzz around this project, and some fair criticisms as well. If you are a DOT fan (or critic) please let us know in the comments what YOU think about DOT as well.

0:00 Intro
0:54 What is Polkadot
1:36 Problems they’re tackling
3:19 History & Team
4:41 Notable partnerships
5:54 DOT token details
7:03 Why the HYPE?
8:00 Some criticisms
9:10 Top competitors
9:46 Looking forward

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