EXMO Exchange Review 2020

EXMO is a long standing exchange tailored for European traders since it offers 8 different fiat pairs and multiple on-ramps. They have been operating smoothly since 2013 – never hacked and never breached – so they definitely value security. They also are fully compliant with European AML regulations, which means they do require KYC. They are a SPOT exchange, so this isn’t an exchange where you trade on margin/leverage. You buy Bitcoin/crypto straight up and then can hold it or withdraw to your own wallets. They offer super low commission fees and only a 1 EUR withdrawal fee. In this video I’ll show you the highlights of this exchange, announce their short term $500 GIVEAWAY CONTEST (super easy to enter), and also show you around their platform!

$500 Giveaway Contest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3zGM_IMqhY

My referral link if you want to sign up: https://exmo.com/?ref=1789467

Disclaimer: As stated in the video, this is a sponsored video. It’s just an intro and is not a recommendation to buy/sell anything and it’s definitely not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence for everything you encounter in the crypto space.

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