Every crypto investor should use a Yubikey to secure their accounts!

A hardware security key, like Yubico’s Yubikey, is an ultra secure 2FA method for people who want the utmost security for their online accounts/services. Whether you use crypto exchanges, password managers, Google suite, social networks, or any other service that has sensitive information, content, or data, you can use a Yubikey to secure it. This is resistant to hackers/phishers because even if they know your password/username, they STILL can’t access your stuff unless they have physical access to your Yubikey device. This is why this is a must have for serious crypto investors/traders who do leave some funds on exchanges.

P.s. Yubico did send me 2 Yubikeys to try out and review. Besides that, this video is not sponsored. I am just giving my opinion about it after using it for several weeks/months.

If you’ve used a Yubikey before, please share your experience here: https://cryptocanary.app/discover/Yubikey

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