Emergency Rate Cut, Xago & XRP ODL, Switzerland based AMNIS Ripple Partner, BIS on Liquidity

Ripple’s efforts in cryptocurrency space have been largely skewed toward creating global partnerships and tie-ups. This has allowed the company to apply its technology to regions that are just entering the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

The Brad Garlinghouse led organization recently partnered with Switzerland based AMNIS to create a more blockchain inclusive financial ecosystem.

“Ripple has established itself as a major challenger to the current system in recent years. Ripple turns the SWIFT payment system upside down. The removal of middlemen (in the form of local correspondent banks) makes international money transfers significantly cheaper and more efficient.Ripple sees itself as a payment network and now supports almost all currencies.”

AMNIS also pointed out how blockchain technology developed from Bitcoin and later moved to other cryptocurrencies. Ripple uses its On Demand Liquidity[ ODL] feature to move capital around the globe. Partner companies also use the RippleNet, a global network of interconnected partners.
The distributed ledger technology used by Ripple paved the way for organizations such as AMNIS to create a decentralized ecosystem in Switzerland. AMNIS customers will be able to send funds to Mexico, the Philippines and Thailand using RippleNet. The business has announced that users will be able to submit to more countries.

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