Dear Congress, this claim made by the SEC needs your immediate attention followed by your action.

Main street investors, innovative technology and the United States global competitiveness have been massively harmed by the SEC claim against the company Ripple which HAS NOT been accused of committing fraud nor did they put forth any misrepresentation. Ripple, a San Francisco company uses the independent multi-use case digital asset ~ XRP to solve a cross-border remittance problem (cost, speed and friction) which has been outlined by the G20 as a top priority to solve.

This case is the most important case to be “made right” and Congress can immediately step in and stop the SEC from committing a crime against the people.
1. Please watch this video
2. Please do your own additional research
3. Please do “the right thing” which is to stop this wrongful government action and protect the people who have given you the power to do so.

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